About Me

This blog started because, as a fresh-faced masters graduate, who wildly underestimated the crisis in higher education, I set out to enter a PHD program, and instead found myself adjuncting for pennies in the northern US. It was not in the plan, but there I was, lost, poor, and seeking a creative outlet so I didn’t lose my mind. And anyone who’s ever taught knows that teaching provides enough material in itself for an entire blog. And adjuncting is its own special kind of story. And to go along with that fairly common detail, I was working in the fact of a disability.

I did eventually make my way into a PHD program, where I am currently, teaching and dissertating. But being an adjunct, and then a graduate instructor who was also blind provided me some really great insights, and some great fodder for comedy, and so my sanity project turned into something long term, if a little random in its update schedule.

Even with growing awareness of the need for diversity, there is a major shortage of active voices with disabilities in the academic conversation, and even more so when it comes to contingent faculty. Mine is just one perspective, but I felt, and still feel many years after starting this blog, that it’s important to contribute where possible. So here I am.


Posts will be related to teaching, or higher education. Some of them will feature blindness, and some won’t, because some days accessibility is a problem, and some days the coffee maker breaks and you come up with a lesson plan while you’re trying to wring caffeine out of an unboiled bag of grounds, and both these factors make up my teaching experience. I am hoping to give you as genuine a view into this world as possible, and I hope you’ll enjoy it. Names and places will be changed to protect the innocent or at least the innocent-adjacent, but I promise all stories are true, because really, you can’t make this stuff up.


One final note, if you’ve come here for an inspirational blog about how I overcome adversity every day with a smile and a blue bird, this is not the place for you.  It’s not that I’m out to be cynical and anti-inspirational, it is simply not the focus of this blog.  I’m here to inform, and, hopefully, entertain you.  If you find something inspiring, that’s great and I’m happy.  But that is not my goal, and you’ll be missing out if that’s all you’ve come here to find. If you leave here with an additional perspective on academia, and disability, and underpaid faculty, that will thrill me more than a thousand motivational posters ever could.

All that being said, I hope you all love the blog.  I hope you’ll stick around and share this madness with me.  If you’d like to get in touch, the contact form is available, and I’d love to hear from you.


Be well.

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